Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hmmm....oh winter

Well, im kinda in the beginnings of the worst part of winter
you know when the roads are ridiculous and you can't go down the street without hitting a mailbox or tree trunk. It really sucks, I dont know how anyone else out there feels. But the gross salt caked to my car every morning isnt a plus either. But anyway....Christmas is upon us! I'm pretty excited...it is my favorite holiday after all...along with millions of other people. Did some Christmas shopping the other day for my 3 best friends, it took me awhile to decide what to get them, i had set out to only spend 20 bucks on each of them ....thats 60 bucks people thats alot to me lol But i couldnt think of anything, and after walking around town ALL day and finding nothing i went home and gave up. The thing is, i didn't want to go to a shopping mall or a complex or anything, I wanted to try to get them unique gifts from the little eclectic shops scattered all around Ann Arbor. But i just couldn't do it. So i ended up getting something from the dreaded mall. I'm sure they will enjoy it though. They are already wrapped and everything

I'm on top of my game this season lol
now all i gotta do is decorate the house and put up the tree : )