Sunday, March 16, 2008



its been awhile
what can i say...i got the bug to do a blog
i enjoyed typing then i started one sees this why the
hell should i do it. But i realized it isn't about how many comments i get
it's about letting out my thoughts and feelings, and ultimatley feeling
better about myself and just anything in general. So here I am, back again
trying to give this another shot! So since december, not much new has happened
in is still cold but THANK GOD it is getting warmer, which means
more walks and which also means, more pictures. There is only so much you can do regarding pictures when it is snowing...if your semi-lazy like i am lol there is nothing you can do. Basically christmas was great, January was a boring month but February was eventfull. I got to see the Spice Girls! now that was awesome. They were a popular pop group in the 90's that was really for girls. Even though i had no idea sometime was they were singing about, it was my all time favorite group. And as a 7 year old girl it was awesome to look up to 5 beautiful girls (and one that looked like me!), who sang about Girl Power and not needing men (even though i was too young to really appreciate that) they were great. SO basically now i'm just excited for spring, i really want to get better at photography and bump up my skills on flickr...and who knows, maybe then i will get a pro account lol