Monday, November 12, 2007's cold in here...

I live in Michigan, and it is fall so that is expected. But i just don't do well when it's cold out. It seems like life is so much harder when its cold. Its 80 times harder to get up out of bed and stumble to the bathroom for a shower when its under 20 degrees outside. Usually in the summer if i'm in a bad mood i can just step outside into the sunlight and everything gets better. But this time i start off with a bad mood, then have to go out to my car and warm in up while the cold air basically attacks me and brings my mood even lower. Then throughout the day I'm either wearing too many layers and wish i didn't over-dress or too little and shivering the whole day. It's a lose-lose situation.
When it gets to the holidays, the cold will all be worth it though.
It's only gonna get worse from here.
Michigan winters are NO JOKE!
...pray for me ; )

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